En vacances

A couple of weeks ago we had snow on the hills and frost, but now it is full summer. The orchard is green and lush, roses are in full bloom, glamorous birds endlessly surprise and it’s really quite hot once the sun gets up over the hill around seven. Today we were up before six … Continue reading En vacances



No matter where we come from, we all have far more in common than not, but the differences receive disproportionately more attention, being more interesting on the whole. I reckon I am probably in at least as good a position as any to notice cultural similarities and differences, being an Englishman in India, having just … Continue reading Turkeys


Have you ever thought to yourself that you really like the idea of doing something and that sooner or later you will definitely get round to doing it yourself, but somehow you keep putting it off and making excuses, it might seem a little daunting somehow, but then finally the day comes when you do … Continue reading Dowels

Miles from Nowhere

Somewhere around the mid-60s I was playing with my Action Man (I had a blond one, with a cheek scar) with Herb on the wall of Crown House School. Herb’s real name was Gideon, and his sister was Esther – I can’t remember the other siblings’ names. Job, perhaps. Probably quite fashionable these days. I … Continue reading Miles from Nowhere