Go Down

Tomorrow we have two workaway volunteers arriving; one from Japan, the other from Italy. There is plenty for them to do. The apple harvest is well under way. A couple of Gurkhas, or Nepalis at least, are in residence and pick (or pluck, as they say here) the apples, fill their kilters (back baskets), which … Continue reading Go Down


Myths and Leg Ends

Hindu mythology is not alone in its assertion that women are inferior to men. According to the Bible, I believe, God created Adam from some soil that He (or She) had prepared earlier, and Eve from Adam’s rib bone, for example. Recent experience, both globally and locally, as well as other variables – such as … Continue reading Myths and Leg Ends

Garboldisham, Little Snoring, Acle, Attleborough and Diss

On more than one occasion, we have played a version of Mornington Crescent based on places in Norfolk. North Creake. Hindolveston. Oulton Broad. Much sucking of teeth – is Oulton Broad not at least half in Suffolk? The time I most clearly remember, we were on the overnight ferry from Livorno to Sardinia in high … Continue reading Garboldisham, Little Snoring, Acle, Attleborough and Diss

God Help Us

“Is your father Australian? He comes in here quite often”, the woman in the hardware shop asked my wife this afternoon. Perhaps I should shave more often. It has been raining pretty much every day for the last month or so, as you’d expect during the monsoon, landslides regularly close the road, trees come down, … Continue reading God Help Us


Uncle Peter (UP) sold up his furniture factory in Bucks and bought a wonderful house in Bideford, Devon, above the river. We visited when I was around 8 or 10, late 60s, and Auntie Molly’s chickens presented my first experience of collecting warm eggs from under warm birds before breakfast. UP and Auntie Molly were … Continue reading UP