We Hang the Petty Thieves

… and appoint the great ones to public office (Aesop 620 – 560 BCE). Churchill, voted the Greatest Briton of All Time, was half-American, his mother having been a ‘socialite’, whatever that means – socialist on Tuesdays and every other Friday, perhaps.  He was a Liberal for 20 years. He once said that America and … Continue reading We Hang the Petty Thieves


Chick sexing

Thunder and lightning, lashing rain, wind howling, red roses shaking their heads outside the window, and a yellow-white light like a sandstorm in the desert. Seven in the evening, high summer, and the fire has been lit. To cap it all, the hail gun on the hill is booming every five seconds, like Big Bertha … Continue reading Chick sexing