Three (or Four) Day Trek, last bit.

So we spent the second night at Sunil’s family home, from which we could look straight across the valley (and down a bit) at our place, three beeline kms away, but we had to descend from around 2600 m down to cross the Chugounti river at 1720 m then back up to the farm at … Continue reading Three (or Four) Day Trek, last bit.


Three Day Trek (Part Three)

So we’re heading up the ridge from Baghi to Hatu through wonderfully human-free forest, largely of kharshu oak, with some cedar and bamboo, and the Forest Department has done a great job of planting chestnut. Increasingly over the last couple of years we’ve seen more and more replanting going on, and forest clean ups – … Continue reading Three Day Trek (Part Three)

Four Day Hike map

  Himalayan Orchard Saunk ka Dhank - Hanging Rock Neraghati Reoghati - last shop Chaal The spring below Chambi - 7 hrs hike - Camp Night 1 Baghi - shops Hieroglyphs Tramp, dogs, somewhere down the nullah is water and Camp Night 2 Hatu Peak Jaubagh meadow Gujjar Camp Night 3 Karal Ramnagar Khaltanullah