I was first introduced to the concept of the masonry heater by the Swedish Ambassador to Japan in the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo. A very positive and cheerful chap, evidently with a romantic streak, somewhat reminiscent of Dick Emery, he’d had an original Swedish tiled woodburning heater flown in, presumably in several pieces, and installed … Continue reading HO-MO


The Spoken Word

Himalayan Orchard is delighted to announce that we will be hosting two upcoming Spoken Word / Poetry Reading events: Mid-Monsoon, Thursday, August 15th – Monday, August 19th: Poet in Residence: John Francis Cross To celebrate Indian Independence Day, and life in general, John will be poet in residence, offering guidance, support, positive criticism, enthusiasm, years … Continue reading The Spoken Word

Four Day Hike map

  Himalayan Orchard Saunk ka Dhank - Hanging Rock Neraghati Reoghati - last shop Chaal The spring below Chambi - 7 hrs hike - Camp Night 1 Baghi - shops Hieroglyphs Tramp, dogs, somewhere down the nullah is water and Camp Night 2 Hatu Peak Jaubagh meadow Gujjar Camp Night 3 Karal Ramnagar Khaltanullah