I can see clearly now

At last the mystery has been solved! No more confused mixed messages, gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. I met a very informative chap yesterday who finally provided the definitive version of the Snake Mother (Bhuri mata) story and it seems that while the other versions contain some nuggets of truth, some … Continue reading I can see clearly now


Serving Chickens

We now have six mostly black chickens tied to a curtain pole on the verandah. Two varieties – I could tell you how many of which but evening has fallen, tis brillig, and they are resting after a long and very tiresome day on the road, as are we, so I’d rather not disturb anyone … Continue reading Serving Chickens

Four Day Hike map

  Himalayan Orchard Saunk ka Dhank - Hanging Rock Neraghati Reoghati - last shop Chaal The spring below Chambi - 7 hrs hike - Camp Night 1 Baghi - shops Hieroglyphs Tramp, dogs, somewhere down the nullah is water and Camp Night 2 Hatu Peak Jaubagh meadow Gujjar Camp Night 3 Karal Ramnagar Khaltanullah