The Siege of Jytock

  As part of our ongoing research into the travels of an early 19th century British explorer and artist, we set off on a short road trip the other day with the intention of visiting the scene of a battle which he painted in 1815. It was between the then occupying forces of the Nepalese … Continue reading The Siege of Jytock


Phurbu – the Magic Dagger

Today's object is the Phurbu, or Phurpa, or Kila in Sanskrit, which we think was acquired in Kathmandu in the 1980s, and is a Buddhist dagger used in tantric and / or shamanic practices. It has small amounts of wax left in a couple of nooks and crannies which supports the supposition that it is … Continue reading Phurbu – the Magic Dagger


  You know how it is – you find yourself standing still in the veggie garden, which is only a veggie garden because you decided to make the effort to turn it into one, and you’re thanking the various gods, and/or some more rational approach for the fact that you sowed some corn seeds a … Continue reading Mosquitoes